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Regenerative Solutions, Inc. (Regen) is a spin-off from the University at Albany, SUNY. It was established in September 2021. The mission of Regen is to help sustain our society and environment through a regenerative approach. This approach is rooted in our deep understanding of interactions between human beings and the ecosystem. To ensure that our future generations can still enjoy this beautiful planet, we must replace the linear economy that has been practiced for many decades with a circular one and expand our creativity toward identifying, developing, and implementing sustainable and regenerative solutions.

At the current stage, Regen provides two types of solutions. First, converting organic wastes to high-value products and fuels. Second, innovative approaches for remediating per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). For details, please see our “Core Technologies.”



Dr. Yanna Liang, PE, BCEE

Founder and CEO
Tao (1)

Dr. Tao Jiang

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Mark Sperry

Commercialization Advisor
Mark (2)

Mr. Mark Sperry

Commercialization Advisor